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Restroom Cleaning/Disinfecting

Our 12 point restroom checklist ensures consistent detailed cleaning. Including restocking of soap and paper products.

Kitchen/Break Room/Cafeteria Sanitizing

Our 10 point kitchen checklist ensures consistent detailed cleaning. Including cleaning the outside of all appliances and vending machines.


All our vacuums have HEPA filtration. Which are up to 99.67% efficient in capturing dust mites, pollen, bacteria and other particles to improve indoor air quality.

Germ Hot Spots

We concentrate on those areas that are known to pass germs. Including, but not limited to, door handles, light switches, and telephones.

High Dusting

Common areas, light fixtures, exit signs, picture frames, doorways, hvac registers cob webs, and anywhere dust collects.

Low Dusting

Common areas, office desks, bookcases, tables, computer screens, and anywhere dust collects. We use a specially treated dusting cloth that attracts up 8x more dust.

Trash Removal

Trash and recycling cans are emptied and an appropriate liner is replaced. Trash and recycled items are separated and placed in corresponding dumpsters.

Janitorial Supplier

We can make sure your stocked. We carry a long list of items including toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, tissues, trash liners, cleaning chemicals and many other items.

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